Green Coffee Bean Extract with GCA | Extracto de Café Verde con GCA: Pure Natural Appetite Suppressant — 50% Chlorogenic Acid. 60 Veggie Capsules of 800mg

1 Month Supply 60 Veg Capsules Fat Burner Targets Belly Fat
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ATTENTION! This is a SALE price for inventory that is due to expire in August of 2017. The FDA does not require supplements to have expiration dates. Pura Vida voluntarily lists expiration dates to ensure a high quality product. Our expiration dates are extremely conservative. Stored properly, supplements can be good for up to 4 to 5 years. Each bottle of Extracto de Cafe Verde is a month supply. It is completely up to you how much you want to buy. 


Extracto de Cafe Verde - The Safe, Proven, Natural Weight Loss Breakthrough

"It's the Weight Loss Breakthrough the whole World is talking about!"

  • Contains 45% GCA - Green Coffee Antioxidants
  • Made from 100% Pure Green Coffee Beans
  • 800mg Capsules - Take only 1 before each meal.
  • As Seen on TV and In the News

What is Extracto de Cafe Verde?

What is  Extracto de Cafe Verde Everyone knows that coffee is made from coffee beans, it is the 2nd most consumed drink in the world behind only water.

To make regular coffee, coffee beans are harvested, cleaned, and then roasted. The roasting is what gives coffee most of its dark flavor and aroma.

Green coffee beans are different: they’re harvested and cleaned in the same way, but they’re not roasted. This means they keep all of their natural plant chemicals. Regular coffee has less of these compounds because the heat of roasting destroys them.

In some ways, green coffee is similar to green tea: it’s processed less to keep more of it’s natural compounds.

What compounds make Cafe Verde special?

Extracto de Cafe Verde Scientifica

In 2007 Scientist were studying the effects of cooking on everyday natural products we consume.


When studying coffee they discovered that roasting coffee beans decreased the quantity of one compound, called "Chlorogenic Acid", by 95%.


When scientist continued their research on Green Coffee Beans, they discovered a vast and unique blend of Chlorogenic Acid and an abundance of Antioxidants, Micronutrients and Phytochemicals which are difficult to find anywhere in nature -- much less together in one seed!


The astounded scientist later coined the term Green Coffee Antioxidants (GCA) to describe the unique, nutrient rich discovery in Green Coffee Beans.

How do Green Coffee Antioxidants (GCA )Help You Lose Weight?

ácido clorogénico 45%

Believe it or not, the key is not the caffeine (there is actually very little caffeine in green coffee bean extract). The key is the very important natural compound called Chlorogenic Acid.


Chlorogenic Acid works by boosting the "burning" of fat in the liver, stopping the release of glucose in your body, and even preventing sugar absorption from starch consumption.


Chlorogenic Acid is why Doctors say you will lose weight without changing your diet.


The many other antioxidants & phytochemicals that make up all of the Green Coffee Antioxidants (GCA™) definitely play an important roll in the slimming process, but Scientist are still studying exactly how they all work together.


Has GCA & Chlorogenic Acid been Scientifically Verified?

Before and After

Yes! Many times!

The first study took place immediately after the Chlorogenic Acid discovery in green coffee beans.


Scientist first decided to artificially re-add Chlorogenic Acid back into the coffee of 12 volunteers. The volunteers did not change their diets and only drank the enriched coffee once per day, in the morning.


After 12 weeks the volunteers lost an average of 12 pounds without making any changes to their lifestyle!


Motivated by the results of the first study; Scientist spent two years perfecting the first all natural Green Coffee Bean Extract which they trademarked and named GCA™ (for Green Coffee Antioxidants).


Then came the Scientific Study that kicked off a media Firestorm...

The Scientific Study that may have changed the weightloss industry forever

With the newly created Green Coffee Bean Extract with GCA™ capsules; Scientist created a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study with 16 overweight adults (8 female and 8 male)

The Study (which has now been viewed almost a half million times and is available to the public here) has been called "The Breakthrough Scientific Discovery of the Decade" by media outlets all over the world.

To the left is a graph detailing the weight loss over the course of 22 weeks. Notice how the best results came in the first 4 to 6 weeks!!

That can be very motivating and is perhaps our favorite part of Extracto de Cafe Verde. It doesn't take months to lose weight with this product.

Also note that during the 8 weeks where they did not experience weight loss was during the "placebo period", which means it really is the Green Coffee Beans that make the difference!

"Significant Reductions in Weight" for all 16 participants. "

Here are the final results:

  • 10 of the 16 subjects lost over 16 pounds which was more than 10% of their total body weight!
  • 5 of the remaining 6 lost at least 8 pounds (5% bodyweight)
  • And the remaining individual still lost 6 pounds which was 4% of his bodyweight.
The published paper on this study is only 7 pages long and shares all the important data. We encourage you to read it here.
The Scientists' Conclussion: "Thus the GCA with a weight loss of 16 pounds and a significant BMI (Body Mass Index) reduction makes the product superior to prescription weight loss drugs. GCA should provide an all natural, lower cost source as an effective therapy for overweight individuals."

Major News Media and Daytime TV Shows Take Notice

LA Times Extracto de Cafe VerdeThe Los Angeles Times was the first Major News Publication to publish the scientific breakthrough

The LA Times article titled "Green Coffee Beans Show Potential for Losing Weight" is still available on

But it was Dr. Oz, the Celebrity TV Show Host on ABC, that made Green Coffee Bean Extract famous around the world when he performed his own successfull study on his studio audience: watch online (english)

What followed was a Media Firestorm that has resulted in Extracto de Cafe Verde being sold out in health food stores all over the country.

Below are two recent specials by Telemundo and Univision:


FAQs & Important Tips Before You Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract

Never EVER buy from a website that asks for your contact information BEFORE you see the price. These are the worst kind of scam companies. Even if you choose not to buy from them your email inbox will be consistently spammed every day. These sophisticated spam companies have created ways to avoid spam detection and it is impossible to stop them from emailing you. The products they sell are often low quality and getting a refund or even contacting them is impossible.

ALWAYS read the label. Make sure it has at least 45% Chlorogenic Acid and only contains green coffee bean extract. No Fillers, No Additives, and No Additional Ingredients. The ingredients list should have Green Coffee Bean Extract and the type of capsule used (veggie or gelatin) and nothing else.

Never EVER buy from website that does not prominently display their phone number. Any reputable company that is selling health products for human consumption always has a toll-free number that you can call. Websites that don’t list their phone number are simply middle men or are not a real business. These websites are notorious for abusing & selling your personal information, selling inferior products, and disappearing within a month or two.

ALWAYS make sure the caffeine content is less than 5%. Brands/bottles that do not list the caffeine content per serving can have as much as 20% caffeine -- which is equivalent to 2 cups of coffee! This is not good since you will be taking the capsules 3 times a day and you may have problems sleeping at night. So make sure you choose a brand that specifically says "less than 5% caffeine" on the label

Never EVER buy from a company that claims Dr. Oz approves their product. Dr. Oz has never approved any specific brand and is constantly having to pursue legal action against websites who abuse his name. If you see a website that claims Dr. Oz endorses their product, they are being dishonest and you should not trust them with your personal and credit card information! Please also consider taking a moment to report them to Dr. Oz’s team.

Try to buy from a website you have purchased from before. There are dozens of brand new websites that are popping up every day only to try and sell you low quality Extracto de Cafe Verde. These companies have a history of disappearing after a few months. Always buy from a company you trust and a company that has been around for a while.

Never EVER buy "blends" or “2 in 1” green coffee bean extract. For example; “Green Coffee Beans with Raspberry Ketone” or “Green Coffee Bean Extract plus Garcinia Cambogia”. Why? Because Green Coffee Bean Extract has a very specific function (blocking the absorption of fats and sugar in the liver) and needs to be taken at a specific time (30 minutes before every meal). Combining Green Coffee Bean Extract with other plant extracts could have negative effects on the green coffee bean extract's weight loss function. The added ingredients could block, dilute, delay or overpower the green coffee bean extract’s unique effects. In other words, the cafe verde wont be able to do its job because something else is now in the way. It is strongly recommended to take Green Coffee Bean in pure form.


What makes our pure Extracto de Cafe Verde Con GCA the best?

1. We took the time to research which Extracto de Cafe Verde products worked (based on real customer reviews) and which did not and why.

2. We worked closely with one of the top facilities in the United States to create a pure, potent Extracto de Cafe Verde product that we can guarantee will work.

3. The labeling has both Spanish and English instructions so you and your family will know exactly how to use Extracto de Cafe Verde to guarantee results!

Each Bottle of Extracto de Cafe Verde Contains:

  • Contains GCA (the same used in successful studies)
  • 100% Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract -- No Fillers!
  • Contains 45% Chlorogenic Acid
  • Less than 5% Caffeine
  • 60 800mg Capsules for 1 Capsule per Serving
  • Backed by our 100% Money-back Guarantee!

Ready to Try Extracto de Cafe Verde for Yourself?

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